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Fill Up Your Cup


Healthy Recipes

Looking for some inspiration in the kitchen! Check out Fill Up Your Cup recipes to satisfy your taste buds while keeping your belly and brain happy. These recipes are largely plant based with the occasional inclusion of meat and of course, healthy but sweet desserts. My goal in the kitchen is to keep meals nutritious but reasonable and satiating. 


Schedule of Events

Yoga Classes & Wellness Workshops


Catch me on the shoreline of Connecticut, NYC or in the Berkshires for reoccurring yoga classes and wellness workshops/events. Check out the schedule below for regularly scheduled yoga classes and workshops/events ranging in topics from meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, healthy cooking and Ayurveda. 


Get Inspired

Lifestyle Blog

A forum to share thoughts with community. To inspire but also to connect by knowing that we all share a similar journey. If you are looking to fill your cup up with a read, click on the photos below to read my most current blog post. Take a peek and leave a comment to share. Let's spark a thought or a whole new conversation. 


YOga & Meditation

Mindfullness Practices



Healthy cooking


Make the change

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Stuck in your routine? Feeling like you need a change but not sure how to start? Looking for a sustainable habit and lifestyle change? Let's take a journey together. Check out my full list of services below and create a customized coaching package that recognizes your unique needs and supports your individual goals. 


One-on-One Coaching

Let's sit down and talk about what is holding you back from creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. We will discuss your goals, where change roots from, and what practices resonate with you the most. Taking into account your individuality, unique goals and curiosities, we will play with several supportive services and move in a direction that feels feasible long-term. Haven't you heard that the buddy system works best? Let's partner and reach your wellness goals. 

Yoga & Meditation

Are you curious about yoga and meditation but don't know where to start? Are you nervous to step into a classroom not knowing what to expect? Or have you started a practice but feel stuck, looking for a resource to dive deeper? We will use these ancient practices to reconnect the body, mind and spirit. Harnessing yoga postures to become more comfortable in our own skin, to move stagnant energy and to prepare our bodies for meditation. We will use meditation to become more connected to our natural state and understand the habits of the mind in order to create change.

Intro to Ayurveda

This sister-science to yoga is one of the oldest, continuously practiced forms of health care. Ayus means life and veda means science or knowledge. We will use the life science to introduce basic self-care practices and nutritional guidelines that will help you become in-touch with your unique composition and understand how it relates to nature. 


Nutritional support

In today's world, going to the supermarket can be an overwhelming event. Every year there is a new study on how something we eat is "good" or "bad" for our health. It is hard to know what's the right move. Let's unpack the myths and get to the root of what it means to eat right for your unique body type. We will learn sustainable and easy ways to nourish ourselves without burning a hole in our pockets. In addition, we will learn the basics of cooking and tricks to navigate around our kitchens with ease. 

True power is living
the realization that
you are your own
healer, hero, and leader
— Yung Pueblo